Art & Design

My passion has always been design, but before I started my journey in Web Development, I was very much focussed on wanting to be a Graphic Designer. I tried to follow the career path and in the process dabbled with Art. This definately set the tone for what was to come. I learnt how to conceptualise & plan work. Most of what I learnt then is what I still use today.


Design is my Life


On my path to Web Development was Web Design, got lots of love for this industry because you get to use both Design and Development to get to the end product. Your focus of course would be primarily visualisations, making sure you drive the vision of the client to fruition.


Websites I have designed

Logo Designs

I like to get a brief from my Client, understand what they like, what colours they prefer. If they have seen somthing they quite like and want something similar or they are just open to anything creative. This is good opportunity to learn your client because this is essentially the start of building their coporate identity. I then start favourite process.


Logos I have designed