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About Us

Beyond Design was founded in 2005 by Astrid Cloete who has vision of building a design company that would exceed our clients’ needs and expectations with stunning visual designs.  Paul John Gioio joined Beyond Design in 2009 after successfully running his very own website. Paul is both a technical designer as well as a practical business owner who understands the financial climate and the needs of small to medium business and what they expect.

Together we create websites that work both visually and technically gained from our experience to meet our clients’ needs. This is very important that we can capture what a client needs and what they need to work. Due to the current financial climate we also understand how important it is for a client to receive the maximum value for the expense of a website. The advantages of having a website and why we build them include:


Your website is a 24 hour/day spokesperson for your business.
When you are unavailable to speak to potential clients about what you can offer, chances are that if they don’t get through to you on the second attempt they will look somewhere else. Yes we are living in a consumer age and customer is king which is why we believe that there should be no way in which a client should look away.

Your website becomes an extension of your sales force
In today’s financial climate every sale counts and every opportunity to acquire a new sales matters even more. A website is an extension of your sales force which is why it should be viewed as an additional employee to your business. Selling your products online will not only help your potential customer be assured that your product is the best but it will also speed up the sale process. A client who knows what he wants will be easier to convert into revenue than someone you must still go and see or have walk in your doors.

Your website can offer technical support on products and services
This is a huge advantage of having a website. Customers who have technical support questions can now be addressed online. This will reduce the time needed for you or your sales team to attend to clients who might have questions that can be easily answered, thus giving you and your team more time to focus on reaching sales targets.

Your website can be accessed from any area both locally and internationally
If your business is located in the City centre and you have a potential client who wants to enquire about a product or service however the client is located in Somerset West, then you may understand how important it is to have your own website. This will eliminate having to either spend hours on the phone convincing the client that your product meets their needs or having a sales team member spend a day driving out to Somerset West to meet a client.

Unlimited number of people can view your website simultaneously
One of the greatest advantages of having a website is that a multitude of people can view your website simultaneously and this is especially important when running promotions and sales on products. Instead of having phone lines clog up due to congestion, your website can take orders and relay those order directly to your sales team and this can occur with as many clients wanting to place orders or enquire about products and services.

We could go on and on about the advantages of why having a website for your business is vital but what we want to say is that even despite the obvious advantages, having a website in today’s business climate is essential. It displays your professionalism towards your business and how you want others to perceive your online presence. We take it very seriously and so should you. If you would like to send us an enquiry or have us call you, click here to fill out a small contact form and then we can start communicating.

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