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  Google Analytics

Google Analytics

Google analytics is a service that is offered by Google for the purposes of capturing statistics of a website. These stats include the following:

-how many visits your website receives
-traffics sources and where they come from
-where those visitors are located
-what content visitors are viewing
-the length of time they spend on your website
-what devices are used to view your website such as desktop, laptop or mobile
-what operating systems are used
-what type of connection is used such as dialup, adsl, isdn or other

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As you can see from the short list provided above, when you have your Google analytics account setup for your website these will be some of the types of stats you will receive about your visitors on your website. Having a website alone and not knowing who is looking at it or where they are looking from has no advantages. With Google analytics you can measure differences between different ad campaigns you may decide to have.

If your company is based in Cape Town and you would like to advertise in Durban, you can now see the impact of the advertising by setting data dates to the start and end of your advertising campaign. By subtracting your actual visitors on your website during the campaign by the total targeted audience, you can measure the success of you advertising. The advantages of this allow you to measure various campaigns against each other and to optimize individual campaigns.

One of the key features of Google analytics allows you to get a site overlay of your visitor’s stats. This allows you to see the movement of visitors as they click on the different links on your website. It also allows you to see where visitors are entering and exiting your website. These are only some of the key features of Google and what is offered from the analytics program. It works by simply placing the code within your webpage and within 24 hours your stats will start appearing. For more information on how to get Google analytics for free, contact us and we’ll show you how we can set up your own account.

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