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  Why everyone is getting a facebook fan page?

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Yes you have seen it on TV, everyone’s getting a facebook fan page, but what is it and why? The truth of the matter is that having a facebook fan page is an effective means of being in direct contact with your customers but let’s examine how this works.

In order to have a facebook fan page, you will need to have a facebook user account. Don’t worry its cost free and once you have a facebook account you can now proceed to setup your facebook fan page. It takes less than 20 min of your time but that’s only the start. When you create your fan page you still need to start adding fans to your page but here’s where it gets a bit complicated. In order to invite fans to your page, you need to have friends on facebook. This is where we need to re-think how this will work and we believe we have a solution for you.

Why build a website?

Why everyone is getting a facebook fan page?


If you are a small to medium company consisting of between 5 to 20 employees or bigger, chances are that there will be someone who works for you that will already be on facebook. This is where you can use their facebook experience to your advantage. Get your employees to manage your facebook fan page. Who better? They already know about your company and what you offer and they know who to direct the requests to for more information.

Let’s get to why you want to be on facebook. In South Africa, facebook has nearly 3 million users and out of an internet user base of nearly 6 million, that is a good amount of communication.  Having a facebook fan page allows you to communicate product information or any other important information directly to your fans, keeping them informed on what is available and because your fan page news feed appears directly in the fans news feeds, it’s really effective. You may also get feedback from your clients via you fan page or even testimonials about your service. This will speak volumes for your business.

The bottom line of facebook fan pages is that they are cost free, you can have employees manage them on your behalf and you can view statistics on who is looking at your fan page on a weekly basis.

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